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Eye Enhancement
Eyelash Extensions

Full Set  $119

2 Week Fill $45
3 Week Fill $55
4 Week Fill $65
5 Week Fill $85 and up

Eyelash extensions can subtly or drastically change the entire look of the eyes. Lash extensions create a thicker, fuller lash line as well as adding length to the lashes. When this process is complete the eyes look more alert and emphasized!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • We proudly use NovaLash brand eyelashes.
  • Our lashes are synthetic, we do not apply mink or silk eyelashes.
  • We only apply lashes to the top lash line.
  • A full set of lashes will last you 5-6 weeks, if you wish to maintain lashes fills are suggested every 3-4 weeks.
  • Individual lashes are used to achieve the best look possible and to increase longevity of the lashes. 
Eyelash Perming
Eyelash perming is a 30-45 minute long process to curl the eyelashes upwards and create a open appearance. This treatment is ideal for anyone who has long lashes currently and is looking to add something special. The perming process will last for approximately 2 months.
Eyelash & Brow Tinting
Eyelashes $20
Eyebrows $20
Lash and Brow $35
Tinting is a great process for anyone with extremely light lashes or lashes that do not match their hair color. Tinting creates one cohesive look and can really brighten the eyes. With a variety of colors, we can create  exactly the look you need and want.